"You got a reply to your email !" - Liaison 2/2

From: "Her"
To: "She"


Well, I'm stressed and sad...

Of course we're still going to be friends. Friends don't pick each other; they just are--we're committed, you see, and I wouldn't really be a friend if I got mad at you and bailed at this point.

When you introduce me to people, it's logical to assume that I will like them to some degree. You and I are friends, and it makes sense that I will like your friends.
But why did you this time assume that if I liked someone else, it meant I would like you less?

[... ] This is not how friendships function.
Friendship is freely given, freely received. It is not jealous, it is not hurtful.

[... ] It is important for you to know about me--I will be your friend even if I am friend with other people as well.

I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and her, but maybe your characters were not made to get along.

She and I will still be friends, of course, but this does not affect my relationship with you, nor will my friendship with you affect my relationship with her.

I may never meet people that I click with as well as you and her, But if I do, you have to let me have a complete and unrestrained relationship with them--both with you and without you.
A friendship would not be complete without both scenarios.

Quelques bons ingrédients pour goûter aux délices de l'Amitié
- I will be your friend even if we have disagreements here and there
- If you are stressed or angry or worried about something, going forward I would like: [...] if we had talked on Saturday night, many hours of hurt could have been avoided...

But like any couple, friends also need to work on their relationship. And going forward, you need to trust me more than you do.

So let's forget this whole incident and move on to happier things.


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