"You got an email !" - Liaison 1/2

From: "She"
To: "Her"

"How are you?

I am quite busy this week [...], so I'm not really reachable this week to talk about what you know. I'm sorry. Truly.

[...] it is clear you two like hanging out together and would undoubtedly have more fun without a third wheel.

When I invited her along to Japan and to one of the blbl parties it was because I felt bad for her that she didn't seem to have any good friends.
Plus the one thing we shared in common was speaking japanese so I thought she'd appreciate coming along.

Clearly she has found a good friend in you and you one in her. Terrific. I just didn't realize that by drawing my friends together that I would be drawn out. Please when you read this don't imagine me saying this childishly or bitterly. I'm only feeling matter-of-fact. (Et on ne se marre pas: c'est pas censé être drôle du tout !!)

In fact, she has never really been a friend. We were more like amicable acquaintances. For starters, I only have known her since August and we've only gone out like twice together for a period of about two hours each. You and I have known each other since April and have gone out loads of times !

Plus she has totally blown me off since our trip. She didn't return my SMSs, phone calls or emails and... yet she found time and enthusiasm to have an evening out with you, who I've considered my closest [...] friend in this town.

Anyway, I'm not really interested in maintaining or trying to repair a friendship with her that was never really there.

[... ] I really like you a lot and I cherish you as a friend. I would be very very sad if you weren't interested in hanging out any longer [...]. I won't grudge you (as I well shouldn't) for continuing your blossoming friendship with her. Not at all.

I'm very sorry. Please don't be angry with me. I imagine you are and it's probably understandable."

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